Get started with your offer

We build smart tools so that you can build your business. In this guide, you will learn how to get started and start take bookings in no time.

  1. Publish your offer
  2. Add dates
  3. Create your overview page
  4. Start taking bookings


Publish your offer

Start by logging into your Skillbreak account and click on your profile picture at the top right. Then select “Add new” → “Concept”. You will then come to the form and fill in all the information about your offer









Add dates

Now it is time to add your first dates. Go to "Manage dates and participants", select concept and "add date". This is how you can think when planning.








Create your overview page

The overview page shows all your concepts, dates and reviews gathered in one place. Here you can write an in-depth biography about yourself, add video, promote other parts of your business and link to your site and social media. Go to "My overview page" and create your own page.





Start earning money and save time

Now everything is in place and it is time to start taking bookings. Use the sharing links in your own channels and save time as your customers pay directly when booking and receive receipts and reminders automatically.









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