How is my concept marketed by Skillbreak? has tens of thousands of visitors looking for something new to learn every month. In the team at Skillbreak, we have competence in marketing, SEO, communication, copywriting, PR, concept and product development, photography and design. We are experts in creating interesting content for our users with the goal of filling your seats.


When you advertise on Skillbreak, your concept appears within a relevant category and in relevant collections, e.g. for your city.

Skillbreak's channels

You have the chance to be visible to relevant target groups in other channels as well, e.g. in our social channels, through targeted ads, newsletters, among selected concepts on the home page and in relevant collections.


Concepts advertised on are optimized to appear on Google and other search engines. Your concept also becomes visible when a user searches on


We have tens of thousands of users in our database who each month receive different types of mailings. We send out curated newsletters to whole and segmented parts of the users in our database. Visitors to the marketplace can also monitor your concepts and then receive emails when you post new dates or a spot becomes available again, for example in the event of a cancellation.

Increase your chances of being promoted in our channels

  • Create a well thought out and relevant concept
  • Make sure all your images are high quality
  • Have a well-written and clear description
  • Collect reviews and aim to keep quality consistent and high
  • Publish dates with good foresight

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