What are sharing links?

The sharing links are used to avoid advertising fees when you generate bookings yourself in your own channels. Use the booking links to get paid and give all your customers a professional booking experience, while maximizing your exposure and saving both time and money.

Do I have to use my sharing links?

No, but there is both time and money to be saved for those of you who advertise on the marketplace today. You avoid paying advertising fees when you generate bookings yourself and save time by collecting all bookings in one place.

Where can I find the links?

You will find your links by clicking the three dots and then the heading "My sharing links" in the list of your concepts. Copy the desired link and share it on your site, in social media or in other channels. You can also share links to your overview page page by going to "My overview page" and click on "Sharing link". 

What is the difference between the payment link and the concept page link?

Using the payment link, you can send your customers directly to the checkout page where they choose a date, enter their details and pay. The payment page contains only the most important information about your concept, use the payment link if you already describe your concept on your own site but want to be paid and keep track of your booking through Skillbreak.
The concept page link shows your concept page just like usual, but the link contains special information that helps us distinguish bookings generated by you from those generated through the marketplace.

Can I use the links to take bookings from my own site?

Absolutely! Use your sharing links to link a button or text on your own site and start selling seats from your own site in no time. 

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