Personal profile page on Skillbreak

What is a booking page?

The booking page is an overview page of all your workshops, courses and lectures, upcoming dates and reviews. We link to your booking page from the biography on your concept pages and from Our experts. On the booking page, you can write a longer presentation about yourself and your brand, upload a video and also have the option to link to your social channels, website, products, books and other projects.
All hosts get a booking page with presentation, bundled offers and upcoming dates. Log in and fill in the information under My booking page in creator admin.

I want to link to my website, products and social channels

In exchange for linking to Skillbreak from your channels, you get the opportunity to publish your own links on the profile page. These are links to your website, products you sell and your social channels. Here you can see an example of a booking page where the brand and products section is activated.

Why should I link to Skillbreak?

By linking to Skillbreak, you avoid managing bookings yourself and leave participant management and administration to us. Your participants get a professional booking experience, agree to our booking conditions and when questions arise, we take care of the support for you. 

I have filled in the information, but my booking page is not showing?

Check if your name has become clickable in the bio on your workshop pages. If not, get in touch with us at and we'll help you out.

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