Create the perfect workshop page

Congratulations! You've become a Skillbreak expert - and now you have to create your first concept page. There are several things to think about when creating it, here are a few.


For starters, your description should be informative and easy to understand. It should be easy to see what your concept is about. Since you are marketing a learning experience, something you should include in your description is what people will learn from your workshop. It could be nice to add some information about where you will perform the activity and what time, and also if you will treat your participants to some fika.

When it comes to tonality, we mostly avoid using exclamation points, for a more serious expression.

Summary and checklist:

  • Keep your text informative and consice
  • Add information about what participants will learn 
  • Duration and location
  • If there will be fika
  • Avoid exclamation points

How to choose images

Something important to think about when you're creating your page is to use attractive and appealing images. We have done some user testing which has shown that the people that book want to see an image of what it is you get to do during the session. This could mean an image of working hands or a picture of the result. They also want to see a group image or an image of the surroundings and venue.
The pictures should be horizontal and in the format 9:4, to fit completely into our frame for the pictures, otherwise they will get cut off. Images should be in the following file type: JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF and at least 2400 pixels wide and 1067 pixels high.
If you are having trouble finding imagesyou are more than welcome to use pictures from our image bank and upload those to your page. You can find the image bank here
Summary and checklist:
  • Upload at least 3 images (working hands, group image, surroundings, image of the result)
  • Horizontal pictures
  • Image format 9:4 (other formats are fine, but there is a risk that the image will get cut off)
  • File type should be: PNG, JPEG, JPG or GIF
  • File size: 2400 x 1067 px
  • Here you can find image inspiration 
Other tips
  • To upload more dates usually result in more bookings
  • Let an ambassador attend for extra images and distribution 
  • Remember to market upcoming dates in your channels and tell your friends and family 
  • Keep an eye on what the other creators are doing and get inspiration from them

Good luck!

/The Skillbreak team

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