Changes and cancelled dates / What happens if I need to cancel?

If the date does not have any booked participants, you can remove the date yourself in your Skillbreak admin. If you have a booking on a date, we ask you to be careful with cancellations and only cancel if absolutely necessary. If you do have to cancel, we then ask you to inform your participants and us / Skillbreak as soon as possible that you have canceled your workshop, and we will handle the refund.

What happens if I do not reach my chosen minimum number of participants?

You have the right to cancel / postpone a workshop if you have not reached your minimum number of participants. You are responsible for making that decision. Skillbreak will send you an email reminder 5 days before the workshop in case you have not reached your minimum number.

Notify your participants

We recommend that you notify Skillbreak and registered participants no later than four days before the planned workshop date if you plan to cancel / postpone a workshop. You contact the participants yourself and inform them that the workshop has been canceled, and ask the participants if they want to change to a later date or receive a refund, in case you have upcoming dates. Inform the participants that they need to contact for assistance in changing dates or receiving a refund. You can message all participants directly from the page of the date.

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