Changes and cancelled dates / What happens if I need to cancel?

If the date does not have any booked participants, you can remove the date yourself in your Skillbreak admin. If you have a booking on a date, we ask you to be careful with cancellations and only cancel if absolutely necessary. 

How do I cancel an upcoming event?

Go to "Manage dates and participants" and click the button that looks like three dots (•••) next to the date you want to select, then "Cancel". A form will pop up where you enter your reason for cancellation, write a greeting to the participants and complete by clicking "Confirm cancellation". The participants are then notified automatically and can reschedule their booking themselves or receive a refund.
  • Post new dates before you cancel to give participants the option to reschedule immediately.
  • Don't cancel last minute, preferably at least four days before the start time.
  • Explain to the participants why you are cancelling and encourage them to reschedule. 

What happens if I don't reach my minimum number of participants?

You have the right to cancel an event if you have not reached your minimum number of participants. You are responsible for making that decision. Follow the process above if you wish to cancel.

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