How do I add dates?

We recommend that you post new dates about two months in advance, that way both you and we have time to market and share the dates. Make sure to always have at least one date posted for your concept, participants who have just been to a course, workshop or event often recommend it to their friends, which increases your chances of getting fully booked.

Step 1

Click on your profile picture on the top right and click "Add new" and then choose "Date"

step 2

Select the concept you want to add a date to in the dropdown menu and click on "Add date".

Step 3

Enter the correct information regarding the new date and click on "Publish new date". The welcome message that you have added cannot be changed once someone has made a booking, so make sure the information is correct. If any changes occur which your participants need to be informed of, you can send them a message from the welcome page. 
Please note that after the publication of the new date, an email will be sent with information about the new date to everyone who has previously marked your concept  as a favorite. 

Step 4

Your date is now live and you can go to your page and check that everything looks correct.

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