How to market yourself online

An effective way to get more exposure and more bookings is to promote your concepts online. We have noticed that those who are active in their social channels and market get more bookings than those who do not. That is why it is something we really encourage! 

Of course, not everyone is active on all social media - and that is all right! Maybe you prefer instagram? Or Facebook? Maybe you do not use socials at all but mainly use a blog or website? All of these options work - and there is no right way to do it. It is not about being everywhere and posting all the time, but more about finding a format and a channel that suits you. You also do not have to talk about your offers in a "selling" way. On the contrary, you can be very personal. Below we have selected a few examples that can give you some inspiration and new ideas!


An advantage of Facebook is that it is easy to link directly to your concepts in your post. You can easily make a status, select a nice image and add a description and link. You can also create your own event and share on your page. Another advantage with Facebook is all the different groups and networks that exist. Find groups of like-minded people and let them know your skills! It is also easy to sponsor posts and market to specific audiences.


There are lots of possibilities on instagram. You can quickly and easily post snapshots from your sessions. Share a picture when you create together, or on the works you have done, write something short and personal and tag @goskillbreak in your caption. You can also hashtag with relevant words that you think people in your target audience are searching for. Do not be afraid to take photos during your sessions, participants are often happy to receive pictures that they can share. It can be a great memory and it is great for your followers to see that you are active and host regular sessions!

Stories are another great tool where you can promote upcoming dates or share short video clips from your sessions. These can easily be saved as a separate "highlight" at the top of your profile, a really good way to categorize your different skills and activities. 
If you want to make it easier for your followers to book, you can add a direct link to your concept page in your Instagram profile (click on "Edit profile" and enter the link under "website")
Bonus guide: Grow your Instagram
  • Use relevant hashtags for potential followers to find your photos and account. Feel free to put the hashtags in a separate comment so the post still looks clean and neat.
  • Use emojis in text and on story (😍😃👉)
  • To reach more people, start following people who may be interested in following your account. This means that people will see your account and hopefully start following back.
  • Always try to respond to any comments you receive, this shows that you are committed to your followers. Which in itself means that the algorithms on Instagram will try to make your photos and your account more visible.

Blog or website

If you have your own blog or website, it is very easy to link directly to your concept or booking page. This makes it easy for your readers to book your dates. Here, too, you can share some "inside information" about what they can learn from you, what the workshops usually look like and what you do. Write your own posts and share photos, videos and quotes.
If you are not very active online, ask your friends and family to share your concepts on their social channels every now and then.

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