Get started with four simple steps

1. Market your concept

There are no shortcuts to success. The hosts who themselves contribute to spreading the word about their offers are more successful and receive more bookings. You do not have to be the best on all social media. It's not about posting all the time, everywhere, more about finding a format you like. One way can be to create an event or to link to your concepts from your website or Linkedin. You will find a detailed guide on how to market your concepts online with some fine examples in this article .

2. Invite friends and family and create promos

It takes time to establish yourself. One way is to encourage friends and family to attend your first session. It can be a good opportunity for you to test your concept, get valuable feedback and some public reviews of your concept that can be seen on your page. Contact us if you want promo codes so that they can book for free, or with a certain discount. Also make sure to publish dates well in advance, preferably two months ahead to give your concept time to be found. 

3. Invite a Skillbreak Photo Ambassador

Good pictures are everything! Invite an ambassadors to participate in your course, workshop or event in exchange for taking nice pictures. Our photo ambassadors are social (large following) and have a strong creative interest. You get access to the pictures after the event. The ambassador will also share pictures taken on their social channels. In short - get new fresh pictures and extra exposure.

4. Encourage reviews

Reviews create trust and make it much easier for the reader to know what to expect from the experience. All your ratings appear on your concept and booking page. High ratings and many good reviews are rewarded by us and you get several benefits such as being featured in newsletters and in various campaigns if you have chosen to be listed on the marketplace. Participants will receive a text message with a link to the review form immediately after they leave. Feel free to remind them of the importance of ratings and that they can help you market it that way. Also let them know they can mark your concept as a favorite and they will receive a notification when you post similar workshops in the future.

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