What communication is sent out to the participants before and after a session?

1. Once a participant has booked and paid, a booking confirmation is sent out via email and text message. From that email, we link to a welcome page for that date, which among other things, contains the welcome greeting you have entered for the date in your Skillbreak admin. If it is Live Online Session, the connection information for the Zoom meeting can be found there as well. 

2. Seven days prior to the event we send out a reminder to the participants by email, reminding them that the event is approaching.
3. The day before or in the morning the day of (depending on what time during the day the event starts) we send out a reminder by text message. If it is a Live Online Session, the same reminder is also sent out by email so that the participants who prefer to join on their computer can easily do so.
4. After the session is over, we send out a text message with a link to a review form. If participants have not left any feedback after 7 days, they will also receive a second reminder by email. 

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