Zoom for beginners

Give yourself the best possible conditions for your online session by going through some of Zoom's tools in advance. To help you started we have compiled a list of useful tips.

Mute all
This function allows you to mute all participants' sounds to avoid being disturbed while going through important instructions. Participants can choose to unmute themselves. 
Share screen
You can use this feature to show a presentation, photos or videos to the participants. Watch instructional video for screen sharing here.
Spotlight video
Spotlight video allows you to select a primary speaker for all participants so that they will only see that persons screen. The function is often used to illuminate a keynote speaker to avoid the video switching when a participant is asking a question or has noice in the background.
If you are two or more hosting, you as the host can make one or more of your colleagues a co-host. A co-host has access to several useful features, such as mute all, spotlight video and can also let participants into the meeting.
Make a user a co-host:
1. Hover the mouse over the user's video image.
2. Click the icon 

3. Press "Make Co-Host".
Breakout Rooms
Breakout rooms are used to divide the meeting into separate sessions. As a host, you can choose the number of participants per group and whether the division should be done manually or randomly. A perfect tool if you want to give the participants the opportunity to discuss with each other. You can also switch between the different groups at any time to join their discussion or answer questions. 
Save the meeting chat
You can save the chat from the session to your computer. To do this during a meeting, click on chat and at the bottom of the chat window on "..." and then "Save chat". To be able to save the chat, messages must have been written in the chat. Also, make sure that you save it at the end of the session to include all messages, but before closing the meeting.
Features that are helpful for the participants: 
Two different views - Gallery and Speaker view.
In gallery view, you see all participants images at the same time in a grid pattern. If you select speaker view, a large image of the person speaking or spoke most recently is displayed instead.
In the chat, you and the participants can communicate openly to each other and through private messages to individual participants.
Raise hands
This feature acts as a virtual hand raising. If a participant has raised their hand, you can see it through a symbol on their picture.

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