Preparations for your online event

The meeting room opens one hour before the scheduled start time. We recommend that you join the meeting room no later than 15 minutes before start. When a participant wants to enter the meeting, you will receive a pop-up box where you approve that they are admitted to the meeting. 

Important preparations

  • Download the Zoom software to your computer (
  • Make sure you have a stable connection
  • Make sure audio & video work properly

Tips for a successful online event

  • Prepare well in advance of your session, and preferably join the meeting room no later than 15 minutes before start. Many participants want to be able to connect a little earlier to check that their technology is working properly.
  • Speak clearly and not too fast.
  • Review some of the basic features of Zoom with the participants. The mute / unmute function is always good to mention and also the functions you plan to use, such as raising your hand or the chat function. Read more about the functions you can use in Zoom here.
  • Ask participants to briefly introduce themselves. It is always nice to get some information about other participants and makes the participants feel more comfortable asking questions later on.
  • Use the Mute all function if necessary. Sometimes it happens that participants have a disturbing background noise, often unknowingly, in such case you can quickly use the Mute all function so that other participants are not disturbed. This is especially important when you are giving instructions or demonstrating something.
  • Divide the group into smaller groups using Breakout rooms. This is perfect for exercises and discussions that are best done in small groups. Watch a video about how Breakout rooms work in Zoom here.

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