How to prepare for your first session

It is soon time for your first physical Skillbreak, enjoy! Here is some advice for you: 

Before you start

  • Your story is interesting and one of the reasons why the participants came! Feel free to tell them a little about yourself, how it came about that you started, why you like to do what you do, etc. Speak clearly and in a loud voice so that even the ones at the back of the room can hear you. Address the whole group, but feel free to look at the participants one at a time.
  • Let everyone introduce themselves by name, if they have tried the craft before or if it is the first time, and if someone does not speak English/Swedish.
  • Tell them a little something about Skillbreak. For an example: Skillbreak is a platform for unique learning experiences. Here you will find practical and interesting courses, workshops and lectures led by Sweden's most inspiring creators. It is an easy and fun way to try and learn something new and at the same time meet like-minded people.
  • Inform them about what they are going to do and how much time you have, practical things like toilet, coffee, etc.
  • Tell them about Skillbreak and encourage them to take pictures during the event, but make sure to ask if there is anyone who does not want to be seen in pictures and ask the others to respect it. They are welcome to post and tag @goskillbreak or #skillbreak on instagram.

General advice

  • Encourage everyone to have fun, dare to try and let go of any pressure to perform. Do not praise individual achievements, it can make others feel bad. The participants can help each other as well. 

It is important that you as a teacher encourage the participants to their own creativity instead of focusing on right and wrong and what is "good" and not. The most important thing is that they feel that they have had fun and tried something new. - Erika Petersdotter (ceramicist and teacher).

At the end

  • Thank the participants. Feel free to inform them that they can attend several times. If you offer one to one classes at Skillbreak, let them know about that opportunity as well. 
  • Ask them to leave a review, it is very important so that we can improve and meet expectations better. They will receive an email from Skillbreak with clear instructions.
  • Participants are welcome to contact us at Skillbreak for questions, tips or concerns at Let them know hat we will be very happy if they follow Skillbreak on Facebook and instagram

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